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Thanks Giving and Resisting

Thanks Giving and Resisting
by Kristin Richardson Jordan

There’s something crazy about eating turkey
While my people are dying
Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful
But also tiered of all this lying
Grateful for my home my family my friends
Yet part of me really wonders how much we can pretend
Pretend that we’re not feasting
On the backs of Native Americans

Our turkey, isn’t it kinda full of holes?
This stuffing kinda well- kinda killing our souls?
And yet there is such power in love and in gratitude
This holiday is giving while it’s taking
So kind
So rude

I find myself torn
Trying to celebrate all I’ve gotten
And yet from trail of tears to Mike Brown
I can’t help feeling this country’s rotten
The answer? I don’t know
If I did I’d certainly share
But I think it falls somewhere between
Resisting because you know
And giving because you care

Dear NYC – Show that Black Lives Matter

pic from MailOnline

Do they?!

Do our lives matter?! I find myself asking this question of our country in the light of the recent Mike Brown verdict. And with all this history of Blacks being killed by cops.

And what’s sad is I could make a list of the cases I’ve heard and go on…and on…and on…and on…and at what point do we say STOP. At what point is anything going to change?

I shared this poem with one of my writing circles today and it just rings so true. Now can be then. Our ancestors might as well be us. Have we made any progress? No. Think about it. Seriously. I know things are different. But is it progress? Because honestly it seems at times like we haven’t actually gone anywhere. Like we’re just spinning our wheels roaming in circles and cycles having one thing happen and then another…it’s time to fight back.

I realize this post is a deviation from the usual Pens Up theme of inspirational words but, well, I can’t be inspirational all the time. Sometimes I’m just angry. Sometimes maybe we should all be angry.

So if you think a black man can NOT be killed like this, and it is NOT ok and should NOT be normal and canNOT possibly be justified. Take a stand and join us in union square!

Protest Tonight
5pm @ Union Square


Please leave a comment below…

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Liberation Mic

Liberate Women at Liberation Mic Nov 20th at 7pm (Free!)

Liberate Women at Liberation Mic!
Next Thursday December 11th, 7:00pm

2295 7th Ave.
Harlem, NY 10030

Free!! (just $5 suggested donation, no one turned away)
Sponsored by Uproar Poetry, the ANSWER Coalition, and SAGES Coalition.


Come share a poem, story, rap, song, dance, comedy routine, instrumental piece…whatever moves you…or just come listen.

This months theme is “Women in Struggle” inspired by the SAGES rally.