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UCLA Students “The Black Bruins” By Sy Stokes

Great spoken word video made by UCLA students last year, “The Black Bruins”. Listening to this poem reminds me of some of my experiences being a Black student at Brown University. Issues with representation (or lack there of), financial aid, admissions, perceptions/racism on campus, the drop out rate…. The struggle is real even in – or perhaps especially in – these seemingly privileged worlds of academia, especially for Black males.

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Pens Up Press receives the “One Lovely Blog” Award


I’m excited to announce that Pens Up Press has received a blog award: the One Lovely Blog Award!

I humbly thank Memoir Notes for nominating me! This award acknowledges up-and-coming bloggers who share their story, thoughts, or content in a beautiful manner that connects with their viewers and followers.


The guidelines for accepting the One Lovely Blog Award are: Thank 
the person who nominated you for the award, Add the One Lovely 
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things about yourself, and Nominate 15 bloggers you admire 
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Baby Books for Us. Mini Rant on the Lack of Books for Children of Color

Some of you have already heard me rant about the lack of children’s books by and for people of color so I will just do a short rant in this post now for those who don’t know the deal. I plan to build on this in the coming days so look out for baby book and children’s book recommendations later this week.

Mini Rant on Books by and for Children of Color…


Look at this baby. He doesn’t know who he is. He is lost in the world.

There are not enough of them! Our kids are growing up reading and seeing white characters everywhere Read More