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Water & Light: Choose Love Now is a book about
personal interpersonal romantic Ikebanaplatonic social communal and national spiritual revolution. Rooted in Kristin’s personal experience with an abusive relationship, it is a collage of poetry, journal entries, and political/social commentary on her experience and on the ways in which we relate to each other as human beings. Water & Light takes the reader on a spiritual journey that includes keen observations of the world we have collectively manifested today and ends with questions about personal and collective human/humane point and purpose. Including but not limited to sparking conversations on relationships, abuse, spirituality, mental health, gender, race, emotional intelligence, healing, ethics, culture, medicine, social responsibility, politics, education, and our criminal “justice” system; the point of this work is to open the floor to deeper and richer dialogue about humanity in general.
Read. Write. Revolt. Build. 
This is a publishing platform run by me, book-printing poet and teacher Kristin Richardson Jordan, to assist literary activists generally, and Black and Latino activists in particular in publishing and promoting books for and about making a better world 
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  1. Camille says

    I have been trying to order the book Mules Fight Back from amazon but they say that you have not confirmed the order. Do you have any more books a available?

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