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Welcome to Pens Up Press

Fist Pens Up Press blog post. Posted November 22, 2013…

Welcome to the blog of Pens Up Press! Though this company has taken on a life of its own, my work initially started with a love of poetry and a want to facilitate free poetry workshops.

In doing these workshops, I found that many writers including myself had hopes of one day publishing. When one poet suggested we create a small book of poems, some of us figured that “one day publishing” could be today.

I started this company because after looking at POD options and publishing houses it seemed that the only way to truly self-publish was through the creation of my own company. I gathered a lot of advice around starting this venture from Marilyn Ross + Sue Collier’s The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing. Pens Up Press’s first book “No Limits: A Book of Poems on Life’s Lessons, Changing the World, Spirituality, Love, Loss and Self-Esteem” will be released in the coming month. It is the actualization of a dream. [This happened! December 2013, more on No Limits here]

To find out more about why I started this company, what type of work I do, and how to get involved feel free to look through the pages of this website.

The next free poetry workshop will take place on Tuesday October 28th. The next free open mic will be Thursday October 30th.

Thank you for reading! :0


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I am an activist, author, and teaching artist passionate about anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-imperialist education. I started Pens Up Press because I love to read and write and because I believe in the power of our people to liberate ourselves and each other through learning and grassroots activism. In conjunction with Pens Up Press, I manage the Uproar Poetry Group facilitating free creative writing workshops and supporting free open mic events. I live in Harlem with my dear friend Marcus Potts, my fiancee Xi'an Glynn, and my black cat Squeaky.

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