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Happy New Year

“Happy New Year”
by Jewel Grant-Talle

January first start first day of the rest of my life.

New clothes, new hair, but more important new attitude.

I have come out of the cocoon which was 2013. Now I am a butterfly soaring into 2014.
Stronger and better than before.
Ready for what life has to offer.
Making my own way towards my future.

Happy New Year to the new me.

Jewel Grant-Talle is an aspiring writer and a member of the Uproar Poetry Group (we meet Tuesdays @ 3:30pm at Morrisania Branch Library). She has published poems in No Limits! and is getting ready to publish a poetry book of all her own original works this February.


  1. lady ceez says

    Congrats to her!! How is she getting her work published? I just finished writing a book and am trying to figure out how to publish it.

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