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Dear Hard Work

Read this poem today and loved it. It is written by Bert Gervais. Find out more about him at


pic from google images


pic from google images

Dear hard work
by Bert Gervais

I have been unfaithful ,
I cheated on you last year,
with doubt,

I got insecurities phone number at the club,
and text her while we were at dinner, pretending I was
looking at my fantasy team.

Mediocrity flirted with me and and I flirt back.
When average quizzed me “do you secretly love me like orange crush?”
I said I do I do I do I do oooh.
I’m a dog, a big ol’ dog.
and I been bul woofin,

Boy did I pay for it.
you were right when you declared,
“Love would’ve brought your butt home last night”

home from the parties, home from the distractions,
home from the lights, home from the cheap thrill of the night,
The grass isn’t greener on the other side,
I had a cow at home all along,
so why was I buying 2% at Target,
I mean they sell Dvd’s and PS3’s
and you was the X-box one,

Average, mediocrity, doubt and insecurity never loved me
not like you, and what’s quite true,
they used me, like the ***less inkeeper from season 5 of
“How I Met Your Mother”
babe, my hard work, my love,
How could I ever think I could do it without you, the world, my success, my dreams, my goals, the sun, my aspirations, are beyond reach with your direction,

Look, I won’t lie cheating on you was fun, but I was never fulfilled,
just an incomplete man, scurrying, chasing incomplete feelings,
I need you fulfill me girl, rebuild me as Nas did Mobb Deep on the stillmatic album,

Have you turned you ways, she wondered, darting that Angela Basset waiting to exhale look before she burns my suits in a new 96 luxury car,
it was brand new back then, but not today,

Have you changed your ways? she quizzed with her gaze
left behind the trophy chasing, that “oh look there goes the new shiny robin given”
that tired ol cheating on myself act,
Finding truth in the lie that I’m not good enough when all along i was scared
of commitment, to the truth, and to you, and the lie that I would lose friends who wouldn’t grow with me,
Have you changed your ways?
she whispered,

Dear Hard work,
Enough talk. Let me show you
Happy 2014.

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