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Peace, I just wrote this today and wanted to share…
please feel free to leave any thoughts or comments below
– Kristin J

By Kristin Richardson Jordan

You’re a so-called revolutionary
Yet you pick on those you think are weaker than you
Far from seeing their point of view

Their existence
Is only bearable if they’re convenient for you

Between the lines
Of your rhymes
You play the revolution game, but only if you’re winning
Give only if someone else is also giving
This is after all
Only a game
To you

Two steps ahead with that last book you read
You can quote the lines
But can you find the time to let
Someone you see as “beneath” you
Speak their mind?

That dashiki you wear can’t hide
Your desire to put kingdom over pride
You think what you do
Keeps the revolution alive?

You’re a so-called revolutionary
And yet everything’s the same to you
You just seek the next one you can put your blame onto
Just talk the talk as you’re passing through
Do the walk only when and only if you have to
You’re a so-called revolutionary
But there is also another name for you

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