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Sara Baartman and the Lives of Black Women Past and Present

Saw this video posted in the Uproar Facebook group by Jewel Grant-Talle a couple of days ago.

It’s a poem about Sara Baartman and the lives of Black women past and present.

A little history and a little modern day analysis. Powerful stuff.


“Some would say
Hot and Tot Venus
Aka Sara Baartman
Was one of the first video vixens
Before television
Before radio
Sara Baartman became the blueprint for
Degrading the black woman on a world-wide level

Sara Baartman…I will make sure our people remember you and know your name

…it’s so sad back then we were forced to degrade ourselves to the level of being some man’s hoar. Today we willingly degrade ourselves. The Black woman has become America’s number one hoar.

An answer to it
We have forgotten our grandmother’s pain
Her struggle to carry the burden
So we wouldn’t have to
Do you hear the ancestors crying out?
Is this what we died for?
I say no
Wake up Black woman
Wake up Black America
Take back your dignity
The power is in your hands”

– By Dede Hunt


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