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Drums On Subway Rails, Meeting The Last Drummers

I ran into these guys on the subway today and was inspired. They call themselves The Last Drummers and they are a family of Conga Players bringing life to the sometimes dull and dreary New York City Subway. I wrote this poem…

Drums On Subway Rails
by Kristin Richardson Jordan

These drums ride with me in this subway car. their thumping is
far louder. than the screeching of subway rails
they are freeing me
even as we ride aside this concrete jungle
they are freeing me to lands of savannah where I see african festivals
and affairs with colorful fabrics dull the subway lights
the city commotion is replaced with high and low pitched melodies
and a dreary list of work, to do’s and obligations
is erased by a call back to who we used to be
and who we could be now, if we could only get free

Peace, Kristin

Awesome Video Of The Last Drummers…

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