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Uproar Sneak Peek: World Issue Poetry Writing Exercise

Here is another sneak peek into the Uproar Poetry Workshops I facilitate with a sample poetry writing exercise.To learn more about Uproar contact me at, 347-276-8344 or join the Uproar Poetry Group on Facebook.

Ok here’s the exercise…

  1. Read Alice Walker’s Poem “Gather” posted here
  2. Now think about an issue in the world that you’re passionate about – police brutality, rape, war, bullying, poverty, ect. something that you care about.
  3. Describe the issue you’re thinking about in a poem
  4. Challenge: If you would like a challenge a) try comparing your issue to a modern-day lynching in your poem as Alice Walker does in hers b) Make the poem rhyme or c) try to make this poem you’re writing about a serious issue funny

As always, feel free to post comment and share. If you do this exercise, please share your poem with me!

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