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Coming Up On Pens Up Press

We are making some edits to the overall mission statement.

Same goals, different wording

Check it out.
As always, your comments and feedback are welcome…

About Pens Up Press
Pens Up Press is an independent publishing company and online bookstore promoting works by people of color, especially activists.

We do this because people of color are drastically underrepresented in all aspects of the book industry (as authors, as publishers, as illustrators, in printers, in boundaries, and in bookstores).

We believe our experiences are deep and rich and deserving of more space on the bookshelf. We believe our stories need to be heard and our opinions matter.

All the books published by and featured on Pens Up Press are change-agents exploring important topics around identity, communal values, self-worth, or social justice. More often than not these books compel us to take action, bettering ourselves and our world.

All the authors published by and featured on Pens Up Press are people of color. If you would like to know more about this important part of the Pens Up Press mission, check out the post “Living Our Dreams and Not Our Fears”.

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