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Thought of the Day – Progress on Your Passion

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about focusing on my passion and finding the time to write.

It’s hard. Work obligations chores – the “must” do list seems to forever get in the way of the want to do list. So how do we make progress?

I think the answer to this question has to do with realizing that what we spend our free time on is our choice. And how we react to this world pulling us in so many directions is our choice. We don’t have to (and in fact we can’t!) do everything.

I think progress is the key word here, we need to feel progress in the pursuit of our dreams.

Progress (noun): movement toward a goal

If we make some progress on our passion every day, we can feel pride knowing that we are constantly in forward motion and getting better each day. Doing something is better than standing still. And progress is more important than perfection.

…when I write for ten minutes on the subway on my way to work I’ve made progress.

…when I take the time to read one of my old poems, written years ago, and can see multiple ways to improve it with techniques I didn’t know anything about years ago I’ve made progress

…when I find the time to sit down and read a good book, a book that helps me grow (good writer’s are readers) I’ve made progress.


Other thoughts on progress and passion
Free Dictionary Definition of Progress
“7 Tips for Pursuing Your Passion Even if You Feel Behind” Tiny Buddha


 How do YOU make progress on your passion?


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