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Thanks Giving and Resisting

Thanks Giving and Resisting
by Kristin Richardson Jordan

There’s something crazy about eating turkey
While my people are dying
Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful
But also tiered of all this lying
Grateful for my home my family my friends
Yet part of me really wonders how much we can pretend
Pretend that we’re not feasting
On the backs of Native Americans

Our turkey, isn’t it kinda full of holes?
This stuffing kinda well- kinda killing our souls?
And yet there is such power in love and in gratitude
This holiday is giving while it’s taking
So kind
So rude

I find myself torn
Trying to celebrate all I’ve gotten
And yet from trail of tears to Mike Brown
I can’t help feeling this country’s rotten
The answer? I don’t know
If I did I’d certainly share
But I think it falls somewhere between
Resisting because you know
And giving because you care

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