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“Mother America”

Mother America
by Kristin Richardson Jordan

America is the abusive mother I never should have had
Way to young to have children
She never really wanted me anyway
Yet here I am outside the womb and taking up space

Somehow she bore those hours of labor
and nursed me
so as a child I managed not to die
but I still have this suicidal behavior
and I won’t forget the times we’ve fought
and how she beat me, my next of kin
just so selfish yet still my mother

I am
often ashamed to admit that I
often wonder if I might actually kill her in the middle of the night
like it was just all wrong from the start
but now it’s all stated
and she’s right here
and I’m right here
as America still gave birth to me


(c)2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan


This post is responding toTiff Roma‘s 5 day poem challenge. This is my first of 5.

I challenge Xi’an X Powers, Paris Amari, Raymond Vasquez, Janet Williams, K Qamar Cruz, Victoria L Pannell, Emmanuel Pardilla, Luke Aidger Patterson, Sikia Artis, Eshey Harris, Brittaney Harden, Nadia Alexis, Yvette Heyliger, Vee SonRojas, Avery Dresel- Kurtz, Shenny DelosAngeles, Larissa Jeanniton, and Stephanie Rodriguez to a 5 day poem challenge.

I also challenge you if you’re reading this and are a poet to do your own 5 day poem challenge. Post a poem once a day every day for 5 days. Share your link with me if you do it!


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