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My Poems Are Moving

Dear Pens Up Press Readers,

For those who have been reading my work on this blog, please note that I will be moving my poems and stories to a new blog on the website Kristin’s Poetry Corner. There may be a post here occasionally, but it will be far less frequent. Also, Uproar Poetry poems and events will be featured almost entirely in the Uproar Facebook group.

There are a few reasons for these changes…

  • First, as Pens Up Press grows, we want this blog and website to focus on serving current and aspiring authors and general Pens Up Press readers.
  • Second, I wanted to provide a space where friends, family, and the general public could read and follow my work on a regular basis without also having to read about the ins and outs of the publishing industry if that does not interest them
  • Third, separating my own work from the business will make it easier for people to find, read through, and understand this site.

Please continue following Pens Up Press (this blog) if you are an aspiring or current author, especially if you have interest in publishing and particularly if you are an activist or artist of color. Please also continue following this blog if you would like to hear about new releases or see free samples of work from Pens Up Press authors. You can choose whether to follow this or my personal blog or both.

If you are interested in learning more about me and following my poems, please join Kristin’s Corner…

Users-kristinrjordan-PortraitUrl_100Kristin’s Poetry Corner

  • Ugly” about a young girl and her mother interacting on the subway
  • Sandra” a poem written in tribute to Sandra Bland

url: |

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