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Topic: What Has Taken the Place of the Whip?

If we rely on what we see, superficially, we would concede that slavery is over. White folks treat us real nice, they marry into our family. We can get jobs, and things are going real nice for us. That is until you are slapped into reality by a gunshots ringing in the night, sirens racing, and in the morning you find out that a cop has killed an unarmed Black man. Or, how about when you walk to the corner for some ice cream and you see Buzzy nodding on the corner. When you read in the news, a Black man is locked up for the rape of a white woman. He is prejudged, character assassinated, and all but hung, only to find out that she has lied to save face. In the meantime, it’s another Black man’s life ruined forever. Slavery is still alive, it’s just a different ‘whip”. When one opens their eyes to see reality, the subtle whips of slavery will be revealed.



The whips are subtle yet quite capable of achieving the effects that is sought even to death.


The strong pretense of an attempt to irradiate drugs from our neighborhoods yet, you will see the drug trade flourishing daily. Both pharmaceutical, and street drugs. Doctors over medicating patients, and prescribing drugs that medically they don’t need, attributing to their drug dependency. Seniors are prime targets, thus becoming the new drug addict/ dealer. Yes, dealer. Seniors peddler their meds in order to but food in between check days or other odds and ends.

New synthetic drugs that are more powerful and lethal are coming out in the Black neighborhoods.   You can see the cars pulling up and the white folks come into the slums and “cop” their “get high”, then run back to the suburbs, or to their offices and act as though they are above the common class. The lies we live. The line at the drug house gets longer and longer. Even the seemingly innocent drug of marijuana is a bait catcher.

Meaning the whip is working. More eyes are blinded and ears are dulled to the scheme of enslaving, and bounding the black man.

The drug trade keeps the pockets of the powers that be fat with blood money. As long as they get the effect they are seeking, drugs will never die. The whip is still cracking.


Poor Education

We tell our children to go to school and get an education, only to be exposed to the illegal acts perpetrated by their teachers, principals. These officials will change test scores so that they won’t lose their jobs. Who suffers? The children.

All of these things and more (not mentioned), are used as tools to stop the progress of the black man. Election time is coming and once again we are faced with our “privilege” to vote. I pray that we will go to the polls and vote. The consequences of not voting is that we will have no voice. Those of us who are able to speak out against the atrocities against our people. Not that we are talking that loudly or effectively.

Wake up world, that vote for the legalization of a little marijuana becomes an open gate for legalization of other drugs. Wake up to the sound of the whip ringing in your ears, hear the cries of our people and see the blood running in our streets. Slavery is alive and going strong.

The slave mentality and division of our people keeps the whip cracking. Our deliverance from the whip and the masa until we stop looking for and putting out trust in leaders. Look within yourself. You know what you have to do within yourself in out to get from under the whip. Stop playing. If you can walk to victory with the likes of great men as Dr. Martin L. King, or a Malcom X, or an Obama, freedom lies within your hands. Some will say how hard it is, well, anything worth having requires hard work and fortitude. You can’t keep going and stopping.

Establish a New Mindset

It is evident that our present way of thinking is not working. To keep reverting back to the same things that are not being on a change demands a new mindset.   “As a man thinks so is he”. Clean out your memory banks, and thought registers. Which way is more profitable for me. Which way is more beneficial to me, what will make me feel better about myself and makes me a better me. Stop looking back at your failures and move forward to your accomplishment. What have I contributed to make a better world? Wake up Black folks. We have the power, and strength. We have all that we need to cross into freedom. We nothing but to do it.

The Hardest Black man for the White man to conquer is the Black man that knows he is a man. A man with intellect, honesty and can’t be brought. One that will not sell out on his own people. The Black man that will speak the truth, and nothing but the truth. One who will focus on what is to come and how to make it better for our people.

POWER AND FINANCIAL SAVY IS IMPORTANT for in order to rule you must know how to handle money. You must be wise in your spending and know how to make money increase

The Black man has a fear of money. He lets money control him and not the other way around. Therefore he can’t be trusted with money. He can’t be trusted with power. So many powerful Black men have fallen into the trap set by the white man who peeped their weakness. Black men in powerful places where laws could have been changed to better things for their people one day found themselves powerless. The inability to refrain for “lust”, yielding to the free sex, drugs and alcohol destroyed their life and future. Wake!!! See yourself Black man, Black women. Look at yourself and make a determination to erase all the negativity that is stealing your strength, your presence of thought beyond today. Shed the slave mentality. Refuse to continue being whipped, manipulated, and destroyed.


We can snatch that whip and turn it on the White man. We can stand in authority and rule the land, if only we will wake up and see ourselves as the magnificent kings and queens we were created to be Stop looking at others criticizing what they are and are not doing. Keep your focus and hold your place. What have you done lately? Some may ask the same of me, and to that I say, back in the 70’s I worked in Neighborhood Bd. 3, I worked the polls, I vote, I was a member of the J. Raymond Jones Democratic Club. I am not reluctant to speak to youth on corners, or sharing a word with them. Treating them like they are human. I am also not reluctant to share my testimony. My testimony is written in my books and is in full display in my life daily.

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As author of A Lighter Shade of Black, I explored my interest in fictional slave narratives and the divisions between light skinned (rich, house slave) and dark skinned blacks (poor, field slave). I am very interested in how this and other dynamics from slavery affect us today. I am also passionate about conquering the divisions between us as a people and imparting important social, cultural, and historical knowledge to the next generation. Contact:

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