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Mules Fight Back Book Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

Timely, relevant, bold!!! (Verified Purchase)

mules-book-coverI heard this poet recite the title poem from this book. I quickly purchased it. I am truly impressed. This book is a mix of many themes relavent to the current racial and political climate in america. I found the book to be right on time and a voice for many today. I share many of the same sentiments of the author. Her timing and use of language reminds me of my favorite writer Sam Greenlee who wrote The Spook who sat by the Door. The book has its ear to the street just like his work did. The flow of Maya, emeets the political awareness of Sam Greenlee, with the highs and lows, and mirror of the black experience that Langston gave the people. A great book!!!!!”

book review from Mules Fight Back listing

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