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Is our past hindering our progress in the present?

BookCoverImageThese are my personal opinions of which I am entitled.
I feel that our focus on the past is hindering our progress in the present. The past should not be our only primary focus. Learn all you can about our history yes, and incorporate that knowledge today to prepare the future.
I cannot change the past, but my life should speak volumes that my ancestors did not go through what they went through was not for nothing.
The foundation had be laid and we must build on it, stand on it, protect it. We must use our strengths to make this foundation produce great nations of prospering Blacks. We must set financial exchange on it’s head. We must rock corporate America and make them realize that we are here and we won’t stop until we get to the top, I mean in the hundred thousands.
Our actions must give honor, and recognition of our ancestors. Our accomplishments today fortifies, solidifies, and broadens the foundation.
This post is by Janet E. Williams, writer, poet, and author of the book A Lighter Shade of Black, published by Pens Up Press.

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