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All I Want to Live to See

“All I want to live to see, is our Black Nation standing in unity. Standing from sea to sea, shore to shore, bravely declaring there will be no more killing of on another ever again. Every man respecting one another as ‘Real men’. Black woman standing in pride, besides her sister shouting loud, I am Black and proud. My Black people bombarding the halls of law, medicine, and economics, business, and such, to emerge the power makers and players. No longer disrespected, and regarded as inhumane, no, we are called by our names. No more mysterious killings at the hands of Caucasian police. The time has come in which they have come to their senses, ready to proclaim not another innocent Black will feel the hot steel of a bullet piercing their flesh. Finally we have come my friend,
Peace on earth good will to all men.”

– Janet E. Williams, author of A Lighter Shade of Black, a fictional slave narrative of a light skinned Black girl coming of age. join our mailing list for more excerpts, quotes, information on book signings, and events.

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As author of A Lighter Shade of Black, I explored my interest in fictional slave narratives and the divisions between light skinned (rich, house slave) and dark skinned blacks (poor, field slave). I am very interested in how this and other dynamics from slavery affect us today. I am also passionate about conquering the divisions between us as a people and imparting important social, cultural, and historical knowledge to the next generation. Contact:

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