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Stolen Innocence

“Chapter 2 of my book A Lighter Shade of Black is titled, Stolen Innocence. Every day a child’s innocence is stolen by wicked adults seeking to satisfy their distorted pleasures. Not all are brought to justice, like they are in the book.Thus children become perpetrators, manipulative aggressors. We must make sure that laws punish those who rob children of their innocence and psycological, and psyhiciatric help is available for the proper healing of these children. Stolen Innocence should not be ignored.”

– Janet E. Williams

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As author of A Lighter Shade of Black, I explored my interest in fictional slave narratives and the divisions between light skinned (rich, house slave) and dark skinned blacks (poor, field slave). I am very interested in how this and other dynamics from slavery affect us today. I am also passionate about conquering the divisions between us as a people and imparting important social, cultural, and historical knowledge to the next generation. Contact:

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