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Land of the Free Hypocrisy

Amerikka hypricosy.png

What happens when red and white stripes

They feel like cold steel prison bars

Excerpt of July 4th/American Dream by Kristin Richardson Jordan

America is the abusive mother I never should have had

Somehow she bore those hours of labor and nursed me

so as a child I managed not to die

but I still have this suicidal behavior…

Excerpt of Mother America by Kristin Richardson Jordan 


The great American flag is wrapped and dragged with explosives

Compulsive disorder, sons and daughters

Barricaded blocks and borders

Look at what you taught us! …

It’s murder on …. backstreets, Wall Street, corporate offices, banks, employees, and bosses with homicidal thoughts

But is America honest, or do we bask in sin?…

It’s nasty when

You set us up, then roll the dice – then bet us up

You overnight the big rifles, then tell FOX to be scared of us

Gang members or terrorists, et cetera, et cetera

America’s reflection of me, that’s what a mirror does.

Excerpt of song XXX by Kendrick Lamar


Credit goes to:
Our Kristin Richardson Jordan for excerpts from her book Mules Fight Back, Pens Up Press, @KRJPensUpPress ‏
Rapper and visionary Kendrick Lamar, song XXX on DAMN album, @kendricklamar ‏


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