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As an author which would you prefer?

Which would you prefer…

A) an all-included publishing package (cover design, editing, formatting, book marketing plan template [free, $200 value] pdf ebook, 100 print copies, monthly author’s pow wow for 6 months and various other free tools [free, $1080 value] for $954


B) a step by step publishing process with cover design cost at $134, editing $204, book formatting $148, book marketing plan template (free, $200 value), pdf ebook $84, book printing of 100 copies at $384 and monthly author’s pow wow for 6 months plus various other free tools (free, $1080 value).

Mainly the question we are grappling with over here at Pens Up Press is should we combine all services into one package (A) or split them up (B)?

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I am an activist, author, and teaching artist passionate about anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-imperialist education. I started Pens Up Press because I love to read and write and because I believe in the power of our people to liberate ourselves and each other through learning and grassroots activism. In conjunction with Pens Up Press, I manage the Uproar Poetry Group facilitating free creative writing workshops and supporting free open mic events. I live in Harlem with my dear friend Marcus Potts, my fiancee Xi'an Glynn, and my black cat Squeaky.

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