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Change Gonna Come

pic of poet Kristin Richardson Jordan

You feel disgusted
By the system

You feel aggrieved
Low-self esteem
Unable to be seen
by the system

So you fight the system
Or withdraw from the system
It is the best you can do
Not to have a broken heart

For you fear being part of the system
Knowing all that is wrong with it
And wanting so much better

I challenge you to let your heart break
I did

Only to find that what I thought was breaking was actually healing
Only to realize
All the warring parts of this world
Were in me

The racism oppression denigration
That is also in you

We were programmed
With all the prejudices
We are warring against
And so as we fight the system

As all (the) lies within us are reflected in the world outside us
It is our fear of being let down that lets us down
It is our feeling things can never change that keeps our goals for a better world
Away from us
It is our belief that sacrifice is “love”
Our compassion for some while seeing others as the “other” instead of a part of ourselves
Which is matched only by our
LACK of love and compassion for ourselves
Not knowing that we are enough
More than enough
To make the change we seek

(c) 2018 written by Kristin Richardson Jordan

Go Vote –

And if nobody running resonates with your spirit run for office

And if your not into electoral politics no pressure, been there, be who you are where you are and create change in the way that fits your spirit most, however I suggest looking at this video and asking yourself if your belief in change is rigidly either/or as opposed to both/and. Is it possible you have made electoral politics “the persecutor” in your mind? (I am a recovering “rescuer” myself). Even those of us with radical politics, if we can look outside the box (which let’s face it we are freaking good at doing anyway) we may find there is room enough for the ballet AND the bullet.

…poetic/political references in this piece:
– Change Gonna Come song
– “The system” is a way of referring to mainstream politics and the system of capitalism
– “I challenge you to let your heart break” is in reference to feeling your feelings without trying to fix them or fix the thing that is causing them
– “As all (the) lies within us are reflected in the world outside us” This line is in reference to our subconscious mind in a law of attraction based universe where we attract and manifest our own reality
– The ballet and the bullet is a counterpoint thought, or a bit of a new take on, Malcolm X’s speech “the ballet or the bullet”
Much love

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Kristin Richardson Jordan is a book printing poet, writer, teaching artist, and organizer passionate about Black liberation women's liberation and shared humanity. You can find out more about her on her website

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