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Hello all, this platform is shifting as I am in a different personal emotional and spiritual place. It is a lot to say publicly and in a short note but the crux of it is I no longer feel compelled to be anti. Anti-war, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-capitalist. I am instead most drawn and interested in being pro humanity in all its forms (note not in a lying “all lives matter” to cover up the truth of who is actually being killed kind of way) but in a pro-peace, pro-Black, pro-women, pro-queer, pro-socialist way, grounded in my own lived experiences, poetic musings, activism, teaching, and artistry. To authors I’ve helped or authors interested in help publishing I am still available and wanting to coach you/support you including use of pens up printing through create space (please feel free to message me) however I will for the most part be putting my energy and intention into my own writing and teaching artistry. To those who may find this to be a shock or disagree please respect my right to change this page’s form and direction as I wholly respect your right to come, go, follow, or unfollow as you please. Much love – pens up founder Kristin Richardson Jordan

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Kristin Richardson Jordan is a book printing poet, writer, teaching artist, and organizer passionate about Black liberation women's liberation and shared humanity. You can find out more about her on her website

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