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Listen children

I have learned from personal experience

That whomever you are about

You become about

So make sure you are about

People who care about

The real you

The ones who hold your feelings

And take you as part of them

As you do the same thing too

Make sure there is reverence

For all choices

as well as your right to choose

Listen carefully to your gut

trust yourself

And do you

(c) 2018 Kristin Richardson Jordan

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I am an activist, author, and teaching artist passionate about anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-imperialist education. I started Pens Up Press because I love to read and write and because I believe in the power of our people to liberate ourselves and each other through learning and grassroots activism. In conjunction with Pens Up Press, I manage the Uproar Poetry Group facilitating free creative writing workshops and supporting free open mic events. I live in Harlem with my dear friend Marcus Potts, my fiancee Xi'an Glynn, and my black cat Squeaky.

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