Consider Independent Publishing with Pens Up Press!

To be filled to the brimand enjoyed with friends. (2)Become an author – If your book fits with our points of unity. Hit us up! We can meet for an authors chat over some tea.

How it works – Publishing with Pens Up Press is about the author and their readers’ primary connection. As an author herself, Kristin started this platform to help other authors put themselves and their readers first.

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The Pens Up Press Package (cost $499)

Independent Publishing with Pens Up Press Includes…

  • Publication of 1 Book with Copyright & ISBN
  • Book cover design on Canva
  • Professional proof-reading
  • Content editing (to optimize reader’s experience)
  • Marketing plan (ideas, letters, templates)
  • Book launch promotion on PensUp website & its social media platforms (PensUp social media platforms include blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • 50 printed copies of your book
  • Amazon listing and distribution
  • Author bio and listing on and your book featured on the PensUp sales page.

Money distribution of book sales with Pens Up Press works in the following way…

  • Author Sales (after your first 50 you can purchase books at the cost of printing [typically $4-5] and sell them or give them away).
  • Online sales on Amazon are a 60%/40% split of profits (in favor of you the author) after KDP takes its cut.
  • Online sales on are a 60%/40% split of profits (in favor of you the author).
  • Sales at fairs and events where Pens Up is hosting a table have 100% of profits going to the cost of the table until it is paid, then it is a 40%/60% split in favor of Pens Up Press.

Author Guidelines

  • Pens Up Press only prints material that respects everyone’s identity and background, including pronouns and names.
  • In conversations with each other, fellow authors, and readers, Pens Up Press asks that authors respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries and check in before discussing sensitive topics.
  • Pens Up Press respectfully request that all book event presenters use trigger warnings before presenting emotionally triggering materials (e.g., “trigger warning: sexual violence against women”).
  • While Pens Up Press does not have the capacity to assist in event planning, we encourage authors to support each other, promote each other’s work, and attend each other’s events.
  • Pens Up Press is not available to facilitate or moderate book promotion aside from the marketing plan. It is the responsibility of the authors to execute their own marketing plan. We encourage authors to develop relationships with their readers and with relevant media outlets and community organizations.
  • We maintain the right to consider each author as an artist representing Pens Up Press. Threatening language, egregious actions, discrimination, assault, and abuse will not be tolerated. Such behavior may result in removal from Pens Up Press listings and having your book(s) discontinued.

Contact Us  We are happy to answer any questions you have!

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