Consider independent book publishing with Pens Up Press!

Become an author – This is by far one of the best independent publishing contracts for you as a current or emerging author.
Please note: the content of your book must fit with our mission statement.

How it works – Publishing with Pens Up Press is about the author and their reader’s primary connection. As an author herself, Kristin started this company to put authors first (before publishers and other corporate entities who use authors for profit). And to put readers first (by teaching authors how to connect to their readers). Both the publishing process and the Pens Up Press pay model (see #4 below “Pay Details”) are radically different from the traditional publishing industry. In addition, all Pens Up Press authors have their work copyrighted in their own name with final say on edits and complete creative control.

Here are the steps to publishing your work with Pens Up Press…

  1. Have a Book You must first have and submit a complete manuscript (please do not send partial or incomplete manuscripts) to
  2. Connect If your material matches our mission statement we will reach out to set up a call or meeting to talk to you about your readers (or future readers).
  3. Format Details We offer various formats, sizes, colors, and cover options for your book, ending with a conversation about what your preference is. As an author you are not required to pay anything to publish your work with Pens Up Press. You can opt to pay the cost of publishing in exchange for maintaining all of your books profits (self-publishing), you can chose a split of both costs and profits, or you can opt to pay nothing up front and take a royalty in which case the cost of publishing is paid off with initial book sales.
  4. Cost Details subject to change in the future at the moment authors may choose between A) an all-included publishing package (cover design, editing, formatting, book marketing plan template [free, $200 value] pdf ebook, 100 print copies, monthly author’s pow wow for 6 months and various other free tools [free, $1080 value] for $954 or B) a step by step publishing process with cover design cost at $134, editing $204, book formatting $148, book marketing plan template (free, $200 value), pdf ebook $84, book printing of 100 copies at $384 and monthly author’s pow wow for 6 months plus various other free tools (free, $1080 value).
  5. Pay Details Our pay model is different from the traditional publishing industry where the average author only receives 10% royalties on the first 5,000 copies they sell and then only 15% royalties after that. With Pens Up Press, you as an independent author can decide to what extent you would like to partner with us. You determine how much distribution/promotional support you would like (versus how much of the work you want to do yourself) and you can determine your own royalty ranging from 20% – 100%.
  6. Launch Your Book! We will work with you to coordinate and implement an amazing book launch that serves you and your readers both on and off line.

Contact Us We are happy to answer any questions you have!