Author: Kristin Richardson Jordan

How Janet Published her work with Pens Up Press and you can too!

Meet Janet She is over 70 years old. She thought she’d never write a book. But she DID write that book and publish it. And make revenue off of it even after paying off the publishing costs! This was her lifelong dream and she DID it. Is it your dream to publish your work? Find out how on our “Become An Author” page at And check out Janet’s book “A Lighter Shade of Black” available on Amazon and here on

Next Friday February 1st at Bluestockings Bookstore

Both patriarchy and white supremacy must go. We have a staged reading of the new book “Water & Light: Choose Love Now” by Kristin Richardson Jordan with 5 awesome womyn of color reading poems from the book on Friday February 1st 7PM – 9PM at Bluestockings Bookstore (172 Allen Street NY NY 10002). Water & Light: Choose Love Now is a collection of poems and personal essays based in her experience with an abusive relationship and calling for personal interpersonal societal and spiritual revolution where we choose love. Facebook event