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The Yellow Children of Monticello by Pam Ward      

The Yellow Children of Monticello for my cousins, descendant of Sally Hemmings   Before Roosevelt Way before J.F.K. Before Clinton claimed, “I Did Not Have Sex!” on tv. Before Monica Lewinsky tripped & forgot to wash her dress. Thomas Jefferson was banging out tots like a fiend. Making a banquet out of Sally Hemmings’ body he created more kids than he could track. Jefferson kept his black children under lock & key all while singing “Oh Say Can We See.” All his pickaninnies, tall and skinny looked exactly like him and nobody blinked nobody batted a lash seeing these yellow children of Monticello springing everywhere like weeds. They heard Thomas’ cry for freedom turn into bedroom deceits. They watched their father, a boll weevil, feast on fresh drawls like a cotton gin separating seeds. And when they realized he would never, never, never, never, never, never, never, set them free they read his Declaration of Independence they waited for a harmony of coughs they watched this ‘Apostle of the Constitution” and willed bronchitis to drum …

TOMORROW A Lighter Shade of Black by Janet E. Williams

A Lighter Shade of Black by Janet Williams is now at sister’s uptown bookstore PUBLIC READING AND BOOK SIGNING Tomorrow!! Wednesday Feb 25th 6pm – 8pm at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore 1942 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10032 (212) 862-3680 All are welcome!! Lilly has just enough black not to be white and just enough white not to be black. As a slave caught in between two worlds she is kept out of the sun so as not to be burned by it’s rays and to keep her skin that tinge that the massa wanted. She is taught that she is slave yet she is also different from other slaves, distanced from those who work the fields. Her mother worries constantly about her virginity. In a boarder line that keeps her from fully feeling a part of either world, Lilly entertains notions of freedom while struggling with various challenges and figuring out her identity as a creamed colored girl. Through all her challenges, Lilly somehow finds the courage to redefine herself and chart a new path. This is …

NEW TITLE: A Lighter Shade of Black by Janet E. Williams (Feb 25th)

Lilly has just enough black not to be white and just enough white not to be black. She is a Slave caught between two worlds… Pens Up Press is proud to announce a newly published book from our press: A Lighter Shade of Black by emerging author Janet E. Wilson! Book release, public reading and book signing on the 25th 6:00PM to 8:00PM at Sister’s Uptown Bookstore in Harlem, New York. All are welcome!! Details on the book and book signing below.