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Adinkra Keychains (coming soon)

In honor of New Year’s Eve day of Kuumba (creativity- the 6th day of Kwanzaa) we wanted to announce that Pens Up Press will begin production of adinkra keychains featuring symbols that have their root in west African spirituality. The keychains will display the symbol on one side and an explanation of the spiritual meaning of that symbol on the other, adorned with cord ribbon cowrie shells and beads.

Pens Up Press table this Saturday

Hi all, I am taking part in two Kwanzaa events this year that if you are free you should feel welcome to stop by! The first is an African marketplace at the museum of natural history’s 2018 Kwanzaa celebration this Saturday 12pm – 5pm at the museum of natural history (Central Park west and 79th street). I will be sharing a pens up press table with my cousin Yvette Heyliger who will be signing and sharing her latest book of plays. The second is a pot-luck family and friends Kwanzaa dinner on Sunday. Message me if you did not receive my email and are in the nyc area and interested in joining us. We will be having a community conversation on the principal of the day that day which is Nia (purpose) Yesterday marked the first day of Kwanzaa, Umoja, unity


Listen children I have learned from personal experience That whomever you are about You become about So make sure you are about People who care about The real you The ones who hold your feelings And take you as part of them As you do the same thing too Make sure there is reverence For all choices as well as your right to choose Listen carefully to your gut trust yourself And do you (c) 2018 Kristin Richardson Jordan

Change Gonna Come

pic of poet Kristin Richardson Jordan You feel disgusted Detached Distraught Depressed By the system You feel aggrieved Low-self esteem Unable to be seen by the system So you fight the system Or withdraw from the system It is the best you can do Not to have a broken heart For you fear being part of the system Knowing all that is wrong with it And wanting so much better I challenge you to let your heart break I did Only to find that what I thought was breaking was actually healing Only to realize All the warring parts of this world Were in me The racism oppression denigration That is also in you We were programmed With all the prejudices We are warring against And so as we fight the system WE ARE ALSO THE SYSTEM As all (the) lies within us are reflected in the world outside us It is our fear of being let down that lets us down It is our feeling things can never change that keeps our goals for …


Hello all, this platform is shifting as I am in a different personal emotional and spiritual place. It is a lot to say publicly and in a short note but the crux of it is I no longer feel compelled to be anti. Anti-war, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-capitalist. I am instead most drawn and interested in being pro humanity in all its forms (note not in a lying “all lives matter” to cover up the truth of who is actually being killed kind of way) but in a pro-peace, pro-Black, pro-women, pro-queer, pro-socialist way, grounded in my own lived experiences, poetic musings, activism, teaching, and artistry. To authors I’ve helped or authors interested in help publishing I am still available and wanting to coach you/support you including use of pens up printing through create space (please feel free to message me) however I will for the most part be putting my energy and intention into my own writing and teaching artistry. To those who may find this to be a shock or disagree please respect …

Books for Birthright

“Kristin approaches teaching with a thoughtfulness and sincerity that individualizes her students’ learning to best suit their growth. She cares about your personal and emotional wellbeing, always checking in, always offering a bright smile. Kristin’s soothing nature stunningly compliment her bold ideas and poetry. During my time with Kristin, I grew as a writer, as a person, as a friend, and as a thinker. She propped open my shell and allowed me to grow into the best version of myself.” – Aastha Jain, college “Fariso you are the kindest. I love you. You are beautiful and amazing mentor.” – Leanne Rodriguez, 7th grade “Fariso is an expert in her craft. Patient and supportive, she doesn’t give the answers but leads the students to self-discovery and creative expression.” – NaTasha Mccleod, educator and co-founder of True Stages Theatre Company “Kristin always brings her own light into teaching. She strengthens us as writers by allowing us to approach the classroom using our own experiences. She always connects with students making sure that we understand ourselves and she …