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Getting Though The Nooks and Crannies Of Writer’s Block

Today I was conversing with a author who had writer’s block. She felt overwhelmed and did not know what to write so I did some research and this is what I came up with (see the listening below). Ever had writer’s block? Why not give these a try! What Causes Writer’s Block? Timing: you feel like its not a good time/you’re not in the mood. Fear: You maybe fighting with your own ideas and think they are not good enough. Perfectionism: you want everything to be perfect so you wait, but then of course you don’t write anything down. Ways to Get Over Writer’s Block? Go for a walk Eliminate distractions Do something to get your blood flowing (some exercise) Change your environment Read a book Listen to music./Brew some coffee Call a friend/Spend time with someone you love Know that you will not get though it by feeling sorry for yourself Try not to waste so much time by putting off writing, don’t let it sit Do not wait for a light bulb (a …

Capitalism Over Cupcakes

Capitalism Over Cupcakes by Kristin Richardson Jordan we used to be revolutionaries together and debate capitalism over cupcakes in the school cafeteria, with sad sighs at the contradictions and we used to share favors like secrets. thoughtful and trusting before you knew I was a… before you knew wish April had kept her mouth shut but it wasn’t her. or me. but you talking big new worlds. but no faggots allowed wish I had known back then that your “struggle” was a lie some funny type of conditional pride as despite your hard core views you tacitly accepted genocide (c)2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan Continuing the poetry challenge. This is #5 of 5.

Cliffs Leaves Locks and Valleys

I admit I run up on cliffs then have to retreat But its because there’re these Lines in the sand that I just can’t see. Feels like sometimes I touch a stone and it turns into a leaf I seek freedom but find locks with keys out of reach I mean it’s like damn, can I get a map? I try to climb mountains but get trapped in these cracks I mean why Is the land set up like that? And then of course I have my own cliffs, traps, and dark valleys So life’s real interesting with all of these territories But what’s funny is that Despite all Slowly I’m starting to love even a crack’s glory starting to love riding the valleys edges and hills of my story And I’m even learning to love unlocking locks and making keys And appreciating all the sky’s Between mistaking rocks for leaves (c)2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan Continuing the poetry challenge. This is #4 of 5.