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Lost some Martins and some Malcolms to the jails But We are still here Piping up on social media and taking to the streets Sometimes clashing with police Or teaching inside jail cells We are at the heart of radical art Art: Untitled (Potrait of Dr. Matulu Shakur) by Sophia Dawson @iamwetpaint Bronx Museum of the Arts Open House Excerpt: Mules Fight Back by Kristin Richardson Jordan @kristinrjordan *Portrait subject : Dr. Matula Shakur – a political prisoner from the Black Liberation movement still incarcerated in US prison; Tupac’s stepfather*    


  I’m not scared  of the last  “dangerous” neighborhood featured on the nightly news I don’t fear same sex couples, communists or homeless men so-called terrorists Nor “foreigners” on “our shores” not afraid of the drug war I’m afraid of how we keep defining and redefining human  to keep someone else out worry about fear and fear-baiting and how we encage our brains  fear the way we cast blame And fear more of the same from MULES FIGHT BACK authored by KRISTIN RICHARDSON JOHNSON

New Poem On Police Lynchings, “Gather” by Alice Walker

Alice Walker’s new poem just released on her website… GATHER ©2014 by Alice Walker for Carl Dix and Cornel West It is still hard to believe that millions of us saw Eric Garner die. He died with what looked like a half dozen heavily clad policemen standing on his body, twisting and crushing him especially his head and neck. He was a big man, too. They must have felt like clumsy midgets as they dragged him down. Watching the video, I was reminded of the first lynching I, quite unintentionally, learned about: it happened in my tiny lumber mill town before the cows were brought in and young white girls on ornate floats became dairy queens. A big man too, whom my parents knew, he was attacked also by a mob of white men (in white robes and hoods) and battered to death by their two by fours. I must have been a toddler overhearing my parents talk and mystified by pieces of something called “two by fours.” Later, building a house, i would encounter …

They were angry at a messenger, that’s why 2Pac is not with us

Throwback poem from poet Nikki Giovanni, written in 1996… Get Giovanni’s most recent book Quilting the Black-Eyed Pea 25% Off this week in the Pens Up Press Bookstore this week “All Eyez on U” by Nikki Giovanni as I tossed and turned unable to achieve sleep unable to control anxiety unable to comprehend why 2Pac is not with us if those who live be the sword died be the sword there would be no white men on the earth if those who lived on hatred died on hatred there would be no KKK if those who lived by lies died by lies there would be nobody on wall street in executive suits in academic offices instructing the young don’t tell me he got what he deserved he deserved a chariot and the accolades of a grateful people he deserved his life it is as clear as a mountain stream as defining as a lightning strike as terrifying as sun to vampires there were those who called it dirty gansta rap inciting there were those who …

“My Name Is Racism” Poem

I saw this video in the Uproar Poetry Group on Facebook last week and have to share. I think this is a wonderful, thought-provoking piece, written by Rakin Niass Transcribed the first verse in the video for you guys (see below) Please like and share. My Name is Racism by Rakin Niass My name is racism I live in your thought My best word is ‘division’ My philosophy There’s a hierarchy of people We’re not equal It’s true this ain’t malarkey I make people think that white is beauty that’s my duty So if you’re white you’re snooty If you’re black than you better stay back cos… you lack the whiteness of skin that the world’s worshiping

The Gold Mine in My Mind

I went to the ANSWER Coalition’s “Liberation Mic” last Thursday and met this amazing poet, Quindell Quev Evans of Blue Poet Tree. Below is one of his poems… Untitled “I need a piece of change” So I could spend some time On mine & the gold mine in my mind With this change I’ll buy happy seeds & Plant them in pain’s soil When it rains The richest roots Of joy will foil What pain hath owned From this piece of change Happyness have grown. Important FYI: The ANSWER Coalition is an anti-racist and anti-war organization. ANSWER stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism. You can find out more about ANSWER and their open mic series “Liberation Mic” on their website   Peace, Kristin