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RESIST Tonight @ 7PM – Content Featured Tomorrow at Noon

Hey, just a heads up to those in the NYC area. there is what is sure to be a deeply engaging, conscious-raising open mic tonight entitled “Resist” 7pm – 12am at 224 West 29th Street. Tribute to Mike Brown and all those fallen from police brutality. Hope to see you there! Going to miss the event? Just click follow. I will feature some of the spoken word in a blog post tomorrow at noon.

Where Are The Shows?

Where Are The Shows? By Kristin Richardson Jordan where are the tv shows showing us how to liberate our hood showing our people walking free and our humanity understood where are the shows showing our old in all their glory showing the wisdom of age and revealing life’s true story where are the shows showing us how to unlearn what we’ve been told shows showing us how to speak up shows showing us to be bold where are the shows with a clear vision of our purposeful past where are the shows to inspire our youth to stand fast where are the shows to make our community last