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“Mother America”

Mother America by Kristin Richardson Jordan America is the abusive mother I never should have had Way to young to have children She never really wanted me anyway Yet here I am outside the womb and taking up space Somehow she bore those hours of labor and nursed me so as a child I managed not to die but I still have this suicidal behavior and I won’t forget the times we’ve fought and how she beat me, my next of kin just so selfish yet still my mother I am often ashamed to admit that I often wonder if I might actually kill her in the middle of the night like it was just all wrong from the start but now it’s all stated and she’s right here and I’m right here as America still gave birth to me   (c)2015 Kristin Richardson Jordan   This post is responding toTiff Roma‘s 5 day poem challenge. This is my first of 5. I challenge Xi’an X Powers, Paris Amari, Raymond Vasquez, Janet Williams, K Qamar Cruz, …

Where Are The Shows?

Where Are The Shows? By Kristin Richardson Jordan where are the tv shows showing us how to liberate our hood showing our people walking free and our humanity understood where are the shows showing our old in all their glory showing the wisdom of age and revealing life’s true story where are the shows showing us how to unlearn what we’ve been told shows showing us how to speak up shows showing us to be bold where are the shows with a clear vision of our purposeful past where are the shows to inspire our youth to stand fast where are the shows to make our community last

Dear Hard Work

Read this poem today and loved it. It is written by Bert Gervais. Find out more about him at Dear hard work by Bert Gervais I have been unfaithful , I cheated on you last year, with doubt, I got insecurities phone number at the club, and text her while we were at dinner, pretending I was looking at my fantasy team. Mediocrity flirted with me and and I flirt back. When average quizzed me “do you secretly love me like orange crush?” I said I do I do I do I do oooh. I’m a dog, a big ol’ dog. and I been bul woofin, Boy did I pay for it. you were right when you declared, “Love would’ve brought your butt home last night” home from the parties, home from the distractions, home from the lights, home from the cheap thrill of the night, The grass isn’t greener on the other side, I had a cow at home all along, so why was I buying 2% at Target, I mean they sell Dvd’s …

Happy New Year

“Happy New Year” by Jewel Grant-Talle January first start first day of the rest of my life. New clothes, new hair, but more important new attitude. I have come out of the cocoon which was 2013. Now I am a butterfly soaring into 2014. Stronger and better than before. Ready for what life has to offer. Making my own way towards my future. Happy New Year to the new me. Jewel Grant-Talle is an aspiring writer and a member of the Uproar Poetry Group (we meet Tuesdays @ 3:30pm at Morrisania Branch Library). She has published poems in No Limits! and is getting ready to publish a poetry book of all her own original works this February.

Happy New Year! New Book! Book Party JANUARY 11th

“No Limits” Book Party! There will be… Wine, beer, and mixed drinks Discounted copies of the recently published “No Limits!” book A massive book signing Good company & music Join us as we celebrate No Limits! Next Saturday January 11th 7pm – 10pm at the ANSWER Coalition office 2295 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd (at 135th Street) New York, NY 10030 And…FREE OPEN MIC Also on SATURDAY, JANUARY 11TH At 3:00PM AT MORRISANIA LIBRARY 610 E. 169TH STREET BRONX, NY, 10456 LIVE PERFORMANCES! REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED Every second Saturday of the month. FREE community open mic. Bring your poems, your stories, your songs… or just come listen