What Makes Us Great Writers

Do you want to be a Great Writer?

As a writer I know it’s hard at times with all the confusion going on in your head and you get scared, stuck, and worried but here are some wonderful tips to get you off your feet…
  1. First you really must read a lot. You may want to read some of your favorite great writers’ books. Reading from them can help you to become one.
  2. Always check your spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure.
  3. I find it good to write a lot,writing is a very unique skill and having more practice at it will help you to be even better.
  4. Writing down your ideas by keeping a notebook around at all times would really be a good help.
  5. I believe taking notes of short stories, novels, articles and characters for your book can help. You can even experiment a little with your own style along with your voice and themes.
  6. Getting much feed back from friends by letting them read back your writing while you listen will help you to see what needs to be changed.
  7. Did you know learning to be conversational as you write (the way you talk) makes a big difference in your writing (but without the umm and uhs).
  8. Last but not least when starting with your book start off strong and have a good ending as well.

With these tips you will see that you have become a great writer.

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